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EU Law
EU Law
Competition & Consumers
Competition & Consumers
  • We advise employers and employees on labour law disputes Our lawyers have represented the dean of a university department in litigation concerning his removal from this position
  • Our lawyers represent the victims of crimes, including hate crimes We represent victims of crimes attacked due to their ethnic origin
  • Our lawyers represent defendants in cases concerning criminal matters Our lawyers have extensive experience in cases concerning criminal liability for traffic accidents or driving under the influence
  • We are experts on construction contracts based on the standards of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC Our lawyers represented a major Polish company from the construction and civil engineering sector in a number of disputes concerning the performance of construction contracts (including claims for payment for additional work done and requests for the extension of the time for completion) in court and in arbitration
  • We are experts on EU notification requirements for legislation and their national effects We have represented a professional association in discussions with the European Commission concerning notification, and have represented it as amicus curiae in the Polish Supreme Court on the issues of the effects of a failure to notify
  • We specialize in issues concerning housing cooperatives On behalf of a member of a housing cooperative, we have successfully sued against a disadvantageous amendment of its articles of association
  • We advise on board member liability We have represented former board members of an insolvent limited liability company against claims from company creditors
  • We advise on Polish and EU state aid law We have advised a major European corporation on operating in a so-called special economic zones, including in the context of EU state aid law
  • We represent clients in inheritance proceedings, including in an international context We have represented a foreign client in inheritance proceedings concerning real estate in Poland inherited under the state law of a US state
  • Our lawyers represent clients in cases concerning medical malpractice Our lawyers have successfully represented a doctor sued for malpractice for an amount of over PLN 2 million
  • We assist in reclaiming real estate nationalized or expropriated in the past We have successfully represented a client reclaiming almost 1 ha of land in Warsaw
  • We defend persons exercising their right to demonstrate their political convictions Our lawyers represent, pro bono, persons prosecuted or arrested for demonstrating for LGBT rights or participating in protests against COVID-19 restrictions
  • We defend third-parties whose assets may be subject to forfeiture in criminal proceedings We have successfully represented a third-party whose assets of over PLN 7 million were frozen by the public prosecutor in criminal proceedings as subject to forfeiture
  • We represent clients in actions for damages for infringements of EU law We have represented a client seeking compensation under CJEU’s Köbler case-law for a court judgment in breach of EU law, with the action being dismissed because the court deemed the breach not sufficiently serious
  • We represent clients seeking compensation for wrongful conviction or arrest We have obtained almost PLN 1 million for the arrest and conviction, in the Stalinist era, of a member of the Polish resistance
  • We have expertise in asset-tracing and enforcing future judgments We have successfully represented a client in a complex set of proceedings the goal of which was to facilitate future enforcement and counter asset-removals of over EUR 10 million in value
  • We represent commercial agents in litigation with their former principals We represent foreign commercial agents in complex litigation almost EUR 1 million in value with its former principal in Poland
  • We defend clients against charges of offenses against tax and other financial interests of the State We have represented defendants in dozens of cases concerning operating games of chance without a license, including in multiple cases in the Supreme Court
  • We enforce foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Poland We have enforced a foreign arbitral award worth ca EUR 10 million in Poland
  • We advise clients in disputes between companies and their officers and shareholders We represent a major stockholder and CEO of a joint-stock company challenging his dismissal. We have advised another joint-stock company defending itself against the claims of a former CEO
  • We act in international arbitration We have successfully co-represented a client in a VIAC commercial arbitration with a value of over EUR 120 million
  • We advise companies involved in disputes in the construction industry We defend an investor against claims from subcontractors not paid by the general contractor of over PLN 0,5 million
  • We represent victims of white-collar crime We have represented, in criminal proceedings, a creditor defrauded by a multimillion asset-removal scheme ranging over multiple jurisdictions
  • We represent defendants in white-collar criminal cases We act in one of Poland’s largest financial scandals, the “GetBack” scandal
  • We are experts in freedom-of-information requests under Polish law We regularly represent clients in efforts to obtain information from public authorities in Poland, and in administrative and court proceedings in the case of initial refusal (see case II SA/Wa 1514/15)
  • We prepare and litigate requests for documents under EU regulation 1049/2001 We have represented clients both in administrative proceedings in the European Commission, and in the EU courts, in cases concerning access to documents of the EU institutions (see cases T-264/15 and C-560/18 P)
  • We draft general terms & conditions for online services and sales to consumers We have drafted terms & conditions for one of Poland’s largest online clothing retailers
  • We advise on EU competition rules in the area of distribution agreements We have advised a US corporation about all aspects of a competition-law compliant EU distribution system for its products
  • We represent victims of usurious practices in criminal proceedings We represent a victim of usurious practices in criminal proceedings concerning the representatives of the lender and the notary involved
  • We represent victims of usurious practices in civil courts We represent a victim of usurious practices seeking to reclaim real estate of over PLN 10 million taken over by a non-bank lender
  • We represent clients in disputes concerning unfair competition We have successfully defended an insurance company against claims of unfairly haven taken over the distributors of its competitor
  • We advise on dealer agreements We regularly advise one of Europe’s largest corporations on all aspects of its dealer relationships, including from the point of view of EU competition law, and defend it from dealer claims
  • We advise on Polish and EU commercial agency law We have assisted a Polish agent in negotiations of an agency agreement with a US corporation, advising in particular on the protections following from EU law
  • We represent clients in regulatory proceedings concerning infringments of consumer rights We represent a company challenging a decision of the UOKiK imposing a fine of over PLN 120 million for unfair commercial practices
  • We represent clients in cases concerning the protection of their privacy We have successfully sought to protect, in multiple cases, the privacy of one of Poland’s best-known TV personalities
  • We defend clients in class-actions We have successfully defended a client in multiple class-actions concerning the sale of vehicles with Diesel engines
  • We represent clients in Polish courts in cases based on EU law We have been granted leave by the Supreme Court to represent a client as amicus curiae in the case decided by a panel of 7 judges concerning the effects of a failure by Poland to notify its draft regulations to the European Commission for the qualification of infringements as criminal offenses (cf. order I KZP 10/15 and resolution I KZP 17/16)
  • We represent clients in the EU General Court and the Court of Justice We have successfully challenged decisions of the European Commission in EU courts (cf. case T-264/15)
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